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Practical Calibration Resources is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business.
We are a Service and Distribution Company for the Medical and Research Fields.
We specialize in Pipette Calibration and Repair, along with a personalized supply
chain targeted for New Lab Start-up combined with supplying existing laboratory needs.

SCILOGEX StepMate Repeater Pipettor SCILOGEX - Blue Enameled Cryogenic Dewar Flasks Enameled - 4.5 Ltr.
Our Price: $182.00
Our Price: $440.00
This easy-to-use positive displacement pipettor/dispenser allows rapid, precise and accurate dispensing, up to 48 times in succession, without refilling.

SCILOGEX DILVAC Blue Metal Cased Dewar Flasks

  • Economical
  • Vented lid
  • Suitable for LN2 or dry-ice
  • 4 sizes available
SCILOGEX D1008 EZee Mini-Centrifuge B3D5000 Benchmark Scientific BenchWaver 3D Rocker w/Flat Mat
Our Price: $155.00
Our Price: $950.00
  • Ideal for quick spin downs of microtubes and PCR tubes
  • 8-Place 1.5/2.0ml Microtube rotor
  • 7000rpm / 2680xg
  • 2 year warranty
  • Undulating, 3-dimensional motion
  • Adjustable speed and tilt angle
  • Large, 13 inch platform
  • Ideal for staining, washing and general mixing
B1000 Benchmark BactiZapper(TM) Infared Micro Sterilizer PolyScience 7 Liter Refrigerated Circulator, -40C - AD07R-40-A11B
Our Price: $319.00
Our Price: $3,890.00
Complete infrared sterilization in 5-7 sec.
Safe, convenient and no splatter
Ideal for platinum loops, needles and tube mouths
Chiller, 7 Liter Refrigerated Circulator, -40C

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